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Pass Plus – Is It Worth Taking?

Created by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), the Pass Plus Scheme is aimed at young people who have recently passed their driving test. Available to all drivers, it prepares its students for driving conditions they might not have experienced before. For example, they may need guidance on how to drive on the motorway, at night or in extreme weather conditions; all of which can be daunting to an inexperienced driver.

To complete the course, students must reach a satisfactory standard in the following six modules;

Driving in town –an extension of pre-licence driving lessons, particularly focusing how to tackle tricky junctions and spatial awareness.

Dangerous weather conditions – learning stopping distances in rain and ice, how to react to skidding or aquaplaning, and how to be visible on the roads.

Rural Roads – increasing awareness of narrow and winding country roads with, sharp corners, and the risk of animals in the road.

At night – tuition of which headlights are appropriate for different driving conditions to avoid going un-noticed or alternatively dazzling other drivers.

Dual carriageways – how to check blind spots, knowing when to over-take another car safely and speed awareness.

Motorways – learning motorway speed awareness, how to exit correctly at junctions, how the cars move between lanes and how to react accordingly.

The cost

After paying for driving lessons and the test itself, a Pass Plus course may seem like an unnecessary cost. The course fees depend on the instructor, where the driver lives, and how long they take to complete the modules, but an average cost for the minimum 6 hours would usually cost around £140 - £160.  Local authorities in Wales, and some In England and Scotland offer financial help with Pass Plus course fees. Investing this money could help reduce the cost of new driver car insurance later.

The benefits of taking Pass Plus

Statistics suggest that new drivers are most likely to crash in their first two years driving, generally due to inexperience. By completing Pass Plus they can develop their existing skills and experience driving conditions that they may not have faced before. Their instructor will guide them through situations that could potentially lead to accidents, raising awareness of hazards on the road. Learning how to anticipate hazards in this way not only increases a driver’s knowledge, but their confidence too.  Due to these factors, insurance companies generally offer a cheaper price on insurance when people have completed the Pass Plus. To see if you are eligible for a Safer Driver Discount, contact The Co-operative Insurance today.