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How to help relieve Colds this Winter

Winter colds can put a damper on the colder months, with symptoms such as blocked nose, painful sinuses, runny nose, headaches, coughs, sore throats, tiredness and general aches and pains.

Medicines for Colds and Flu

There are several medications available that can be taken by adults and children to combat the common cold. For adults, Benylin produce Cold & Flu Max Strength Capsules . These contain Paracetamol to help with headaches, aches and pain and fever, the decongestant phenylephrine to help with breathing, and caffeine to help with fatigue . Day and Night Tablets contain a mix of capsules containing caffeine and those without for night time relief.

For relief from mucus cough symptoms, Benylin produce Night Time Mucus Cough. As well as levomenthol to ease breathing and clear the nasal passages, these also contain guaifenesin to thin chest mucus.  The website also has mucus information to help you get over your illness.

For flu, Benylin produce 4 Flu Tablets, which contain ingredients to target symptoms such as congestion, aches, pains and fever. As well as Paracetamol they contain diphenhydramine to help relieve coughs and dry nasal secretions and pseudoephedrine to reduce congestion