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Why buying clothes online is easier than ever

More and more people are choosing to buy things online. From holidays to shoes; trousers to birthday cards, retailers are making it easy and secure to spend your money over the internet. For buyers, this brings a lot of benefits. Shopping from the comfort of your own home means you’re not restricted to opening hours and that you can buy goods from stores that don’t even operate in your home country.

But many people are still worried about sharing their personal and banking details online. Genuine clothing retailers make sure that they only used tried and trusted secure payment systems, where your details are not stored and only used for a single transaction unless you give specific permission for the retailer to store it for future purchases. In addition, major credit card providers have additional security in place, such as password verification, to give you extra confidence. That means that, as long as you know the retailer is genuine, you can shop with ease.

But how do you know? Clearly, the best way is to shop online with a retailer you know has a good high street presence and reputation. Most major retailers have an online store as well as a high street shop, which means you can browse and even try things on in-store, and buy at your convenience over the internet. For retailers you’ve never heard of, it’s worth checking that they display a postal address and telephone number and preferably a registered company number and a VAT registration number. Rogue traders tend not to have any of this formal information on their sites. Also check out the site’s policy for delivery and returns before you buy.

Online shopping is increasingly competitive, so retailers offer deals and bargains just for internet customers. That means you can get real value for money by shopping online – even if you are paying postage costs. Retailers offer next day delivery on some items and, if you have bought several things, can make sure that everything is delivered together, or just when it is in stock. And they also understand that you want to find everything quickly and easily, so sites are easier to navigate and work more reliably.

Once you’ve discovered the benefits of shopping online, you’ll find it doesn’t replace going into town and hitting the shops – it just gives you a different way to find what you’re looking for. That’s particularly useful if you’re after a particular style of chinos, exactly the right sized polo shirt or the best-looking chinos, for example. It couldn’t be easier, so why not make it part of your shopping life?